krista weger


Happily, my path in life has followed many directions, and I eagerly anticipate the next as I make my transition from academia to full-time work within the writing and publishing industry.  What I like best in life is weaving strings of letters and words together into everything from tall tales to marketing copy.  A native of Toronto, I enjoy exploring the city by foot with my puppy, taking photos, and drinking coffee.  Lots of coffee.  I believe in community involvement with an entrepreneurial edge and love my volunteer work at an inner-city resource centre.  

exceptionally professional

Freelance writers are a dime a dozen.  I admit it.  
But, great freelancers?  More like needles in a haystack.
So why choose me?

My clients keep coming back not only because I provide exceptional creative content that "gets" their concept, but because I offer a personalized, professional, and prompt service.  That means that because I appreciate and value my clients, I respect their time, their  input, and their work.  I'm proud to deliver unique content for reasonable fees that never relies on template-style copy, while taking the time to research your product or idea to write with your audience in mind.  And because I'm a self-starter who takes the initiative, you won't have to worry about holding my hand through the process.

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